Phalaenopsis cacharensis (Barbhuiya, B.K.Dutta & Schuit.) Kocyan & Schuit.

Publication: Phalaenopsis cacharensis (Barbhuiya, B.K.Dutta & Schuit.) Kocyan & Schuit., Phytotaxa 161(1): 67. 2014

The single recorded individual was found growing as an epiphyte on the trunk of a Duabanga grandiflora in wet evergreen lowland forest at about 130 m above sea level. It was growing in association with Piper species.

Section: Deliciosa

Distribution: India (Cachar, Assam).


Synonyms: Ornithochilus cacharensis Barbhuiya, B.K.Dutta & Schuit. Kew Bull. 67(3): 511. 2012



Photos of Phalaenopsis cacharensis in culture:

Phalaenopsis cacharensis

Lip detail

Primary hybrids: No primary hybrid with Phalaenopsis cacharensis registered.

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