Phalaenopsis mirabilis (Seidenf.) Schuit.

Publication: Orchideen Journal 14(2): 62. 2007

Section: Deliciosa

Distribution: Thailand, China (Yunnan).

Etymology: From Latin mirabilis: admirable, wonderful, amazing. In reference to the flower having characteristics that can identify it as kingidium but other characteristics differing.

Synonyms: Doritis mirabilis (Seidenf.) T.Yukawa & K.Kita Acta Phytotax. Geobot. 56(2): 157. 2005 [Aug 2005]

Lesliea mirabilis Seidenf. Opera Bot. 95: 190 (1988).



Photos of Phalaenopsis mirabilis in culture:
Lourens Grobler (afriorchids)
Lourens Grobler (afriorchids)
Lourens Grobler (afriorchids)
Pornpett Momkeaw
Pornpett Momkeaw

Phalaenopsis mirabilis

Lip detail

Primary hybrids: No primary hybrid with Phalaenopsis mirabilis registered.

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