Phalaenopsis foerstermanii

Gardener's Chronicle ser. 3 vol. 1, February 19, 1887, page 244

By   H.  G.  Reichenbach fil.

Phalaenopsis foerstermanii, n. sp.

A small, modest, and yet very elegant species, a discovery of Mr. Foersterman, that has just flowered with Mr. F. Sander. It is one of those very few species with a tridentate anterior lacinia to the lip. It is immediately understood by its great peculiarity, a deep, upright longitudinal keel on the mid-lacinia which is fimbriate at its superior margin. Roots even, rounded, and a little ancipitous. Leaf cuneate obovate, unequally bidentate at the apex. Peduncle two-edged. Bract triangular-cuneate. Flower, one of the small ones, as in Phalaenopsis Valentini maculata; ground colour white. Sepals and tepals cuneate lanceolate, with very thin, now forked, now hieroglyphic, brown transverse lines inside. Lateral laciniae of the lip square oblong, as in all the allied species ; hence a little recurved, scimitar-shaped, retuse, with a retrorse bristle, and an oblique keel outside ; a yellow callus on the inner side of each. Mid-lacinia tridentate at the apex. mid-teeth longer, broader, of lightest yellow. A bidentate depressed keel on the disc at the base of the lip. This is a neat novelty, which is dedicated with great satisfaction to Mr. Fosterman, who has enriched Mr. F. Sander's, and hence the outside world's stores with so many fine things.   H. G. Rchb. f.

* Phalaenopsis Foerstermanii n sp. — Aff. Phalaenopsis Valentini: radicibus laevibus rotundato ancipitibus (biconvexis) ; foliis cuneato obovatis apice inaequaliter obscureque bidentatis ; pedunculo ancipiti ; bracteis triangulo carinatis; sepalis tepalisque cuneato lanceis, labelli tripartiti partitionibus lateralibus curvulis ligulatis apice retuso retrosrum aristatis, extus carinatis, partitione mediana ligulata apice tridentata, carina longitudinali superne fimbriata, carina depressa apice bidentata in basi, callo in medio lacinia laterali utrinque. Flores albi striotis brunneis transversis. Calli in lacinius lateralibus ac apex partitionis anticae flavi.H. G. Rchb.f.

Trichoglottis pallens v5 p34 1850
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