Phalaenopsis stobartiana

Gardener's Chronicle n.s. vol. 8,  September 29, 1877, page 392 

Par Reichenbach fil.

Phalaenopsis stobartiana, n. sp.

A curious plant in the way of P. amethystina, with very uncommon colours for a Phalaenopsis. Sepals and tepals of a beautiful apple-green colour, ultimately yellowish green. Lip with the lateral partitions white with yellow and amethyst coloured, the middle lobe totally amethyst coloured. This bright amethyst colour finally changes into a nearly cinnabarine red. The base of the white column is also amethyst coloured, I had a branch or top of inflorescence with eight flowers, a little smaller than those of P, equestris (rosea). That is all I know. Perhaps I may learn more one day. It is dedicated to its possessor, Mr. William C. Stobart, Etherley Lodge, Darlington, and it was grown by Mr. L. Hartley. H. G. Rchb. f.

* Phalaenopsis stobartiana, H. G. Rchb.— Radicibus, foliis et inflorescentia ignotis (racemi parte ?) plurifloro ; sepalis tepalisque cuneato-oblongis acutis ; labellotri partito ; partitionibus lateralibus ligulatis retusiusculis ; callo utrinque ante basin; aristula in disco antico ; lacinia media obovata medio carinata ; callo obcordato et callo anteposito bicuspidato inter partitiones laterales. H. G. Rchb. f.
Phalaenopsis pantherina Botanische Zeitung 22:98. 1864.
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