Phalaenopsis tsii (M.H.Li, Z.J.Liu & S.R.Lan) Hua Deng, Z.J.Liu & Yan Wang

Publication: Hua Deng, Z.J.Liu & Yan Wang, Phytotaxa 238(3): 252. 2015

Phalaenopsis tsii grows on tree trunks in forests at 1200-1850 m. It is known only from mount Shuanhuang in Hunan province, China.


Distribution: China (Hunan)

Etymology: Dedicated to Zhan-huo Tsi (1937-2001) who discovered Hygrochilus subparishii.

Synonyms: hygrochilus tsii M.H.Li, Z.J.Liu & S.R.Lan Phytotaxa 159(4):264. 2014



Photos of Phalaenopsis tsii in culture:

Phalaenopsis tsii

Lip detail

Primary hybrids: No primary hybrid with Phalaenopsis tsii registered.

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